Board Members

Douglas D. Troxel, Director

Doug, Carol’s brother and fellow bridge partner, graduated with a B.S. from Iowa State University with a major in Mathematics and minor in Physics in 1967. He founded SERENA Software in 1980 and still serves as a director on the board. Doug, as President of the family foundation, Change Happens, also serves on the Director’s Council of the Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics at UCSB; serves on the Executive Board of Novim which studies big social problems, like long term climate change and methane leakage, using pure science; serves on the board of Standard Alcohol which is an Intellectual Property (IP) licensing company for the catalyzing of natural Gas into Mixed Alcohols.

Doug and his wife Deborah split their time between Kona Hawaii, Santa Barbara, Whidbey Island and San Francisco for SERENA functions. He continues to pursue life-long interests in physics, astronomy and politics.

Pamela J. Van Ahn, Exec. Director

Pam is Carol’s first child and caregiver to all. Pam learned to be a caregiver by doing it at a young age. She followed her mom’s footsteps pursuing a nursing career until taking over the management of pharmacies for a major retailer. In 2011, Pam moved to Roswell, GA forsaking her home and career in Minneapolis, MN to become the primary caregiver for her Mom. Pam protected us from the daily humdrum of caregiving. She continues to care for her siblings, nieces and nephew in her special way. Pam has three children; Andrea, Ryan and Carolyn, and two grandchildren who are the love of her life.

Terry L. Van Ahn, Director

Terry is the past president and majority stockholder of Van Ahn and Company, Inc. Terry purchased the business from his father, Ed, who founded the Company in 1987. Terry has been employed in the agricultural business since 1975. Terry and his wife, Sue recently retired in Florida where they enjoy their three daughters, Kaylee, Tara and Kristi, and grandchildren, as well as golf and warm weather.

Jean E. Van Ahn, CFO, Director

Jean is a CPA and business consultant, moving cross-country with her family until 1997 when they settled in Atlanta. Carol and Jean shared their love of gardening, books, decorating, Iowa football and holidays. In 2011, the two of them consulted numerous specialists and researched medical libraries in an attempt to understand the many changes her mom underwent. In the end, a diagnosis finally came, Lewy Body Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Jean and her husband, Mike’s greatest accomplishments to date are their two daughters, Kelly and Kate.